Hear What Others Are Saying


Kathie has been there for me. I didn’t know how much better I could feel. Kathie stayed with me and never pushed me into anything. I love that she never said this is what you have to do. Kathie just stayed back and was there when I had questions. When I was ready to start she makes it so easy. Kathie is an amazing woman. – James L.

I met Kathie through a friend and we became instant friends. Her passion for life and helping others to feel better about themselves is so refreshing. She is so knowledgeable  and has helped me to understand what works for me and my lifestyle. I feel so much better since I started using these products over 8 months ago. Thanks for what you do for others Kathie!! – Sandy M.

Kathie introduced me to these products, and was so patient with my decision to make this lifestyle change. I looked at our shared community and almost every time I talked about changes in someone’s life, they were connected to Kathie. Once I made the decision to change, she has been supportive every step of the way. Love her! And yes, she is the best to share my non scale victories with! Tears every time!!! – Rebecca G.

Kathie Bulvin is amazing!!! She has helped me to feel better on the inside & out. She is more than a health coach, she’s your cheerleader!!!  – Kristin M.